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0.02 Disclaimer

The information presented in this document was written and developed by patients and members of the HEPV-L mailing list.

It represents an informal catalogue of accumulated knowledge by people who for the most part are not medical professionals. As this file is developed further, we hope to include references and citations which will document more of the statements that are made here. Much of the information contained in this FAQ was compiled from the varied and personal experiences and opinions on the HEPV-L and HepCAN mailing lists, and from original research published in the hepc.bull. As useful as this information may be, it must not be considered medical advice, and must not be used as a substitute for medical advice. And as always, don’t forget to use your common sense. It is important that anyone who has, or thinks they may have, hepatitis should consult with a licensed health care practitioner who is familiar with liver disease and systemic disorders.

Thanks are due to the many contributors to this new official version of the FAQ. Below, in no particular order:

Alan Franciscus (HCV Advocate), Brad Kane (HepCBC), Andi Thomas (Hep-C-Alert), Anne Karim, Bruce Bennett, Bryce Brogan, Paul Harvey, Cindy Torchin, David Lang† (HEP Seattle), Frank Smith, Joe Shaw, Joan King (HepCBC), Kathryn Morse, Eileen Caldwell-Martin (FHCQ), Ken Benjamin, Kevin, Kunga Palmo (USHA), Sue White (Mid Island HepC), Capt. Kevin Donnelly†, Bruce Devenne (HepCNS), Leslie Gibbenhuck (Children’s Liver Alliance), Marjorie Harris (HepCure), Darlene Morrow (HepC VSG), Lucinda Porter, Pat Buchanan (LiverHope), **Peppermint Patti** , Sara Amber (HEP Seattle), Scott Warren (aka Reezer), C.D. Mazoff, aka squeeky (HepCBC), Rivaud (Hepv-l), Sheree Martin (Hep B List), Sybil, Smilin’ Sandi, Marie Stern, Brian D. Klein (HAAC), John & Matti Kirk, Rick Crane, and our mothers for making us possible.



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