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3.3.2 Polymerase Inhibitors

“A few polymerase inhibitors are in development: two in clinical trials. But there is no data yet and speculation scuttle-butt in the halls here was that these drugs may have limited antiviral activity.” ( AASLD Conference: New Therapeutic Strategies for Hepatitis C Chicago, June 15-16, 2001 Reported by Jules Levin).

Isis Pharmaceuticals of Carlsbad, CA, is in Phase II trials with a drug that tries to interfere with a different part of hepatitis C.

Merck & Co, and Tularik are formulating gene therapies aimed at inhibiting HCV RNA polymerase ( www.veritasmedicine.com), as is Biocryst ( www.biocryst.com).

Japan Tobacco’s polymerase inhibitor is in Phase 2 clinical trials.

ViroPharma, together with Wyeth, has begun a clinical trial of its product.

Idenix Pharmaceuticals has begun clinical trials.

Rigel Pharmaceuticals plans to start a polymerase inhibitor trial this year (Pollack, A., NY Times 3/11/2003  H.I.V. Lessons Used in Hepatitis C Treatment).

ViroLogic, Inc. was awarded a grant from the U.S. National Institutes of Health, to develop a Hepatitis C virus (HCV) drug susceptibility assay for its polymerase inhibitor (/PRNewswire 9/3/03),

In early trials, NM107 and NM283 are active in chimps with HCV. ( www.hivandhepatitis.com/2003icr/41_IDSA/documents/hcv/101503_b.html).

XTL Pharma is studying two molecules in their Trimera mouse that merit further investigation: BC2125 and BC2329 ( www.natap.org, Reported by Jules Levin, 54th Annual AASLD, Oct 25-29, 2003).



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