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If a baby is born to an HCV+ mother and its blood was tested at birth for hepatitis C antibodies, the test would come back positive. This is because the baby has some of its mother’s antibodies.

These antibodies clear naturally over time. A test at 12 months usually confirms whether or not a toddler has the virus. The rate of fetal infections in HCV+ mothers is about 6%. The rate goes up if the mother is co-infected with HIV.

Any woman, or partner of a man, who has taken ribavirin must wait 6 months after the end treatment before becoming pregnant to avoid birth defects.

BREASTFEEDING : There has been no documented case of HCV being transmitted by breastfeeding, and the rates of infant infection are identical in both breast- and bottle-fed infants. There are many advantages to breastfeeding. Breastfeeding mothers should check their nipples before each feed and avoid breastfeeding if they are cracked or bleeding. They may want to consider using breast shields.

It is not known if interferon or ribavirin are passed on to the baby through breast milk.

Circulating HCV RNA does not increase pregnancy complications.

A substantial proportion of pregnant women with hepatitis C virus infection have circulating HCV RNA, even when they are asymptomatic, however, these women do not have an increased risk of obstetric complications and that pregnancy does not appear to induce symptomatic liver disease. “There is no risk to the outcome of pregnancy in an anti-HCV positive pregnant mother. The majority of pregnant women have normal transaminase levels during the course of pregnancy, although a substantial proportion have circulating HCV RNA. Pregnancy does not induce a deterioration of liver disease, and HCV infection does not increase the risk of obstetric complications.” - - “HCV Infection in Pregnancy,” British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 1996;103:325-329.

There is a high mortality rate among pregnant patients infected with hepatitis E, which sometimes accompanies hepatitis C. There have been no studies on pregnant women taking interferon.



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