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Schering-Plough, the manufacturers of Intron-A recombinant alpha-interferon 2b, have a cost sharing program called “Commitment to Care” designed to help those in need of interferon therapy who are unable to afford it. The program is based on a sliding-scale based on your income, with the cost to you ranging from free in some cases, to whatever their scale says you can afford. They will first try to find programs in your State that may help, and if none are found they will determine what you are able to pay and absorb the rest of the cost. In the US: The number to call for the “Commitment to Care” program is 1-800-521-7157, ext 147.

The interview will take approximately a half hour. Some of the questions you will be asked are:

  • name and address of the prescribing doctor -dosage you will be using

  • when you were diagnosed

  • your income (need to send them tax forms or pay stub to verify)

  • number of people in household

  • why you are unable to pay

  • cost of your rent or mortgage

  • any outstanding loans

  • amount of credit card debt

  • any savings

In Canada: The number to call is 1-800-603-2754 extension 2121. According to Mike Betel, previously from HepNet: In response to the emails concerning anyone who was on the SAP (special access program) for ribavirin, or anyone who has received a prescription for Rebetron from their Physician, reimbursement assistance is available. C.A.R.E., (The Canadian Advisory Reimbursement Exchange) is the reimbursement assistance number for patients who were prescribed Rebetron. There is a very easy to read booklet available. The new dedicated line is 1-800-603-2754 extension 2121. The people at C.A.R.E. are fully bilingual and available from 10:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday Eastern Standard Time. After hours, patients can leave their name and number, and a medical professional will call them back the next day. Everything is always confidential!

Concerns like these will be answered.

  • I don't know who is supposed to pay for my REBETRON

  • I don't think I have coverage

  • I have no coverage and I can't afford to pay for it myself

  • I have insurance but I can't afford my co-pay or deductible

  • I have insurance but they won't pay for REBETRON

  • My government plan is too complicated for me to understand

  • My government plan only pays for a portion of my REBETRON and I can't afford the rest

  • They tell me that my REBETRON is not covered, what do I do now?

Also in the US: IV ONE (800) 892-9622 Call for help with interferon costs. This operation will accept whatever your insurance company will pay as full payment in most cases. For dosages above 3 million units, your physician must write a special request to your insurance company first. They send your prescription in pre-mixed dosage syringes, alcohol swabs, Band-Aids and a Sharp’s biohazard container for the used syringes, each month by FedEx. They deliver nationally, so their office location does not preclude anyone from using their service. And the staff is available 24 hours a day to answer any questions or give you any assistance you may need.



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