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9.3.0b HAIR LOSS

Some people experience hair loss as a side effect of interferon, but it doesn’t always happen. It may range from a slight to moderate amount of hair loss, but I have never seen anyone become completely bald from the dosages given for hepatitis. The hair grows back after the treatments are over. When your hair does begin to grow back in, it may come in thicker, curlier, or straighter than it did before your interferon therapy. Hair loss can occur on all parts of the body, not just the head. Facial hair, arm and leg hair, underarm hair, and pubic hair may all be affected. Hair loss usually doesn’t happen right away; more often, it begins after a few weeks. At that point, hair may fall out gradually or breaks at or near the skin, and the scalp may become tender. Any hair that is still growing may become dull and dry.

To care for your scalp and hair:

  • Use mild shampoos.

  • Use soft hair brushes.

  • Use low heat when drying your hair.

  • Don’t use brush rollers to set your hair.

  • Don’t dye your hair or get a permanent.

  • Have your hair cut short. A shorter style will make your hair look thicker and fuller. It will also make hair loss easier to manage if it occurs.

There is a special type of shampoo and conditioner designed specifically for people undergoing chemotherapy. Many people have reported good results using it while taking interferon. The brand name is “Nioxin” and it is sold only in salons.



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