Российское сообщество больных Гепатитом С


We don’t know that disinfection or cleaning really works so be safe and use all new equipment every time you hit up. Reusing fits should be a last option only. If you’re cleaning fits, remember the following guidelines:

  • Immediately after use, rinse fit in cold water until signs of blood are gone. Squirt water down sink or into an old drink bottle.

  • Do this as soon as you’ve used the fit since dried or clotted blood is hard to wash out and can block the fit. Always use cold water as hot water will clot blood in the fit and block it.

  • Fill the fit with fresh high-strength bleach. Use the strongest bleach available (which is usually the most expensive). With the fit full of bleach, replace the cap over the needle and shake it for 30 seconds or more. Time this on a watch or count it out slowly. Then squirt the bleach out into the sink or an old drink bottle. Now repeat the bleach process, again shaking for thirty seconds.

  • With another container of fresh clean water rinse the fit out at least two times. Again, squirt the water down the sink or into an old drink bottle, not into your containers of bleach or clean water. Empty all your containers down the sink when you are finished.

Remember that this way of cleaning fits can’t be guaranteed to kill the hepatitis C virus. - Hepatitis C Council of NSW ---



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