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When injecting drugs, the best protection is to never re-use injection equipment. Cleaning injection equipment is not guaranteed to kill the hepatitis C virus.

To avoid hepatitis C when injecting:

  • have a fit, spoon, water, filter, swab and tourniquet

  • wash your hands with warm soapy water before and after injecting

  • clean the spoon with a fresh swab

  • keep all your utensils separate from your friend’s utensils

  • inject yourself - but if someone else does inject you, make sure he/she has washed his/her hands

  • if you get blood on your hands, go and wash them before you touch anything on the table - if someone asks you to pass them something, tell them to wait

  • if you do touch something before you’re able to wash your hands, treat it as contaminated

  • dispose of your used fits, filters, swabs, etc, properly by putting them into a sharps container - or use an empty plastic drink bottle or detergent container. (Look for the letters PET on the bottom of the plastic bottles, as these are especially strong.) Be careful not to dispose of your fits in aluminum cans or glass bottles. Kids collect cans for recycling and could get needlesticks, and glass bottles can easily break.

  • remember - use new equipment every time. Cleaning equipment doesn’t always kill the hepatitis C virus.

  • remember - wash your hands with soap and water before and after injecting. You can’t always see minute amounts of blood.

  • remember - make the bench or table where you’re injecting as clean as possible.



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