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Thymic Factors is a combination of drugs including thymus, Enzymatic Poly-Peptide Fractions, Crude Thymus Extract, Thymosin, Thymopoietin, Thymus Humoral Factor, other nutrients, herbs, vitamins, and enzymes, developed by Carson B. Burgstiner,M.D after he contracted hepatitis B. He claims to have 83 cases of Hepatitis B, 23 cases of hepatitis C, 28 cases of Rheumatoid Arthritis, and arrested 12 cases of Systemic Lupus (some of whom were taking 22 different drugs and are now asymptomatic), 10 cases of Multiple-Sclerosis, 12 cases of Psoriasis, 7 cases of people with Squamous Cell Cancer of the skin.

This formulation has not been through official clinical trials, and the claims have not been proven, but many listmembers on the HEPV-L mailing list report that they feel better and have more energy while taking Thymic Factors.

Dr. Burgstiner’s Recommendations for Preventative Maintenance: 2 Thymic Factors with 1 Thym-A-Vites vitamin twice daily in AM & PM to be taken with food or meals.

Dr. Burgstiner’s Recommendations for Chronic Conditions: 4 Thymic Factors with 2 Thym-A-Vites vitamins twice daily in AM & PM to be taken with food or meals. Continue at this level until you are satisfied with the results or bloodwork is normal. Then go to the maintenance dose of 2 Thymic Factors with I Thym-A-Vites vitamin twice daily in AM & PM to be taken with food or meals.

Dr. Burgstiner’s office may be contacted at the number below. They will send you an information packet in a few days. The formula is called Thymic Factors, and the vitamins are made by Sundown (super multiple, minus iron). Carson B. Burgstiner,M.D., 5354 Reynolds St. # 304, Candler Professional Bldg., Savannah, GA 31405 Phone (912)355-5755 fax (912)355-5759

In 1996 a company Preventive Therapeutics, Inc. started manufacturing the original formula of Dr. Carson B. Burgstiner, which is being sold and distributed by them as well as by many health food stores. The containers consists of 180 tablets, 30 day supply. There is a picture of a bird and flowers on the label.

When Preventative Therapeutics was contacted, they gave the following advice: When first taking the Thymic Formula until stabilized 2-3 months, take 6 tablets twice daily (total 12 tablets) 12 hours apart. When stabilized take 3 tablets, twice daily.

Preventive Therapeutics, Inc. is located in Duluth Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta GA. 1150K Court Drive, Duluth GA 30136. Telephone: Toll free:1-888-372-8259;770-417-2835, fax: 770-409-0110 Contacts: Ed. Callaway, RPH, Jim Williamson or Pat Stephens

Recently (2000) warnings have been issued against the use and consumption of raw animal parts (glands, testicles, brains) in herbal and alternative treatments, since there is fear that they may spread “mad cow disease."



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