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4.1.15 WATER

Thanks to Alan Franciscus for this important reminder Melatonin We’ve all been told that it is essential for proper health maintenance to drink at least 8 glasses of water (8 oz. each glass) every day. This is especially true for those of us with hepatitis C and, if you are on treatment with interferon and ribavirin, it is even more important to drink plenty of water. In fact, you should try to drink as much water as possible even if you are not thirsty. This will help with the many potentially nasty side effects that may be experienced while on treatment.

The exception to this rule is the person who has ascites (accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity) in which case a medical professional will instruct you on the correct diet and fluid intake.

Drinking at least 8 glasses of water can be a problem, but it is not as hard as it appears. Many people fill containers with filtered water so they can track the exact amount of water they drink daily. Frequently, I buy bottled water to take with me when I am on the go. I refill these bottles with filtered water every morning to keep track of the amount I consume daily.

Remember, you are going to have to urinate much more frequently and want to make sure you are near a restroom. If you know that you will not have easy access to a bathroom, you may want to stop drinking an hour or so before an outing.

Even with these obstacles, you will find that the health benefits of drinking large amounts of water greatly outweigh the inconvenience and the frequent runs to the restroom.

Some of the health benefits of drinking adequate amounts of water include:

  • Weight loss – suppresses appetite and metabolizes stored fat.

  • Digestion – improves the digestive process and can relieve or prevent constipation

  • Dry Skin – moisturizes the skin

  • Body wastes and toxins – rids the body of wastes and toxins

  • Body temperature – regulates body temperature to keep you cool in hot temperatures

  • Nutrients – contains many essential nutrients

  • Joints – lubricates and cushions joints

  • Cancer – helps with preventing some cancers, such as colon and liver cancer

Remember to consume water instead of coffee or colas that contains caffeine. Beverages that contain caffeine deplete body fluids. In order to replace these lost fluids, you must drink two glasses (16 oz) of water for every glass (8 oz) of a beverage that contains caffeine. Additionally, make sure you check the content of the water – you should stay away from any water that contains sodium.

So take that plunge – drink WATER!



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