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This is an experimental treatment, popular mostly in Europe, in which the blood is removed from the body, has ozone bubbled through it with the intention of killing the virus, and then the blood is returned to the body. I personally do not believe this is a safe practice, and would strongly recommend against it. Ozone bubbled through blood to kill viruses in vitro damages the living cells in it as well a removing the viruses. Ozone injected into your veins or aerated through your colon is a poison and has the very real potential of killing you rapidly. Ozone is very reactive and not stable in the lower atmosphere and does not remain ozone very long in any reactive media.

There have been reported cases of patients acquiring hepatitis C from improperly sterilized equipment used during ozone therapy. “Transmission of Hepatitis C by Ozone Enrichment of Autologous Blood,” Lancet, 1996;347:541



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