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3.5.1 Nucleoside Analogs

ANA245 is a nucleoside analog (like ribavirin) in development for HCV, and in vivo studies look promising. It is a natural killer cell activator and interferon alpha inducer. It is now in Phase 1b clinical trials where chronic Hep C patients are being given the product in multi-doses, intravenously. An orally-administered version is being developed (www.anadyspharma.com/home.asp).

ANA246, a type 1 cytokine enhancer, is a nucleoside analog being developed to use in combination therapy for Hep C. In vitro (test-tube) studies show that the product induces type 1 cytokine production equal to or better than ribavirin, and is less toxic. ANA246 is not yet in clinical trials (http://www.anadyspharma.com/home.asp

Idenix Pharmaceuticals (previously Novirio Pharmaceuticals) is working on a series of drug candidates to combat HCV. It is hoped that these, alone or in combination, may offer improvements over other drugs. Using SAR (structure-activity relationship) analysis, Idenix has discovered three nucleoside analogs they believe will be active against several genotypes, including genotype I, and clinical trials with their orally-administered product NM283 is now in Phase I/II trials, having previously shown inhibition of HCV in primates ( www.novirio.com). The company Novartis will have the option to jointly develop the product with Idenix ( www.idenix.com/press/030326.html).



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