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3.4.8 Iscoprep 703 (ISCOM)

Iscoprep 703, produced by CSL Pharmaceutical Companies, is an immune stimulating complex (ISCOM). Laboratory and animal studies have shown that ISCOM may be used to alter the immune response induced by vaccines. Given along with HCV vaccines, ISCOM agents may improve the immune response to HCV. ISCOM is made from saponins that come from the bark of the Quillaia saponaria molina tree, mixed with lipids.

“ISCOMs have been prepared with Quil A (a semi-purified preparation of saponins) or purified saponin fractions. CSL's lead saponin preparation, ISCOPREP703, contains a mixture of the purified saponin fractions.” Non-human primate studies are in progress with hepatitis C virus antigens in collaboration with Chiron Corp. ( www.csl.com.au/).



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