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3.1.3i Interferon and Histamine Dihydrochloride (Ceplene)

Histamine dihydrochloride (Ceplene), by preserving the function of natural killer cells and other T-cells, may help improve results with interferon therapy, perhaps getting the same results with smaller doses of IFN. Maxim pharmaceuticals announced that trials with IFN + histamine dihydrochloride showed that naive hepatitis C patients had reduced viral levels, and that 70% of those patients had undetectable viral loads, compared to 25-40% of patients on IFN alone.

Maxim has released its results from a phase II trial of IFN + Ceplene, stating that 44% of patients receiving 10mg of Ceplene a week plus IFN had a sustained viral response at 72 weeks. Up to 50% of patients with genotype 1 had a sustained viral response, using the highest dose of Ceplene, compared to 8% on IFN alone. P hase II trials are about to begin with IFN + ribavirin + Ceplene in non-responders ( www.maxim.com).



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