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3.1.1e Natural Source Interferon Alpha-N3 – Human Leukocyte-Derived (Alferon)

Alferon, produced by Interferon Sciences Inc., is an injectable, natural-source, multispecies alpha interferon produced from human peripheral blood leukocytes.

It was thought that the chance of “breakthrough” would be less when using natural source interferon, than with the standard interferon alpha 2b preparation. The results of the first clinical trials were judged as “uninterpretable” and “ambiguous,” so the FDA Advisory Committee recommended against approval and has required the company to conduct additional phase 3 trials for the treatment of patients with HIV and HCV.

The product is on the market for genital warts, so a patient who really wants Alferon treatment can get it.

Other IFN alpha-N3’s include Alferon A; Alferon Gel; Alferon LDO; Alferon N; Alferon N Gel; Alferon N Injection; Altemol; Cellferon. Cytoferon Alferon is a natural interferon that is being investigated as a possible treatment for hepatitis C. Studies show it may be better tolerated than recombinant interferon alpha (Ann Ital Med Int 1999 Jul-Sep 14:159-65.)



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