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Hepatitis C accounts for 20% of community-acquired hepatitis in the US. Approximately 200 case of hepatitis C are reported in New York State each year. -- “Prevention, Diagnosis, and Management of Viral Hepatitis”, AMA

Each year, 150,000 new cases of hepatitis C infection occur in the United States.—“ Hepatitis C & E: how much of a threat?” Special Issue: Emerging Infectious Diseases, Brown, Edwin A., May 15 1994, v28, n9, p105(8)

The (US) Center for Disease Control and Prevention, estimates that at least 17 ? million people (in the US) are living with chronic hepatitis C infections and as many as 150,000 Americans are newly infected with hepatitis C each year.

“It is suspected that there are, at present, more than 5 million people in the United States that are infected with Hepatitis C, and perhaps as many as 200 million around the world. This makes it one of the greatest public health threats faced in this century, and perhaps one of the greatest threats to be faced in the next century. Without rapid intervention to contain the spread of the disease, the death rate from hepatitis C will surpass that from AIDS by the turn of the century and will only get worse.” Dr. Everett Koop, from his webpage. http://www.epidemic.org/theFacts/theEpidemic/

“It is estimated that up to 3% of the world’s population is infected with HCV, i.e. up to 170 million chronic carriers.” Canada Communicable Disease Report - Supplement Vol. 25S2 June 1999

“It is reasonably estimated that the prevalence of HCV infection in Canada is about 0.8% (240,000 persons)” Canada Communicable Disease Report - Supplement Vol. 25S2 June 1999

“Applying U.S. projections to the Canadian situation predicts approximately 2,200 new cases per year in Canada at this time. “ Canada Communicable Disease Report - Supplement Vol. 25S2 June 1999



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