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The hepc.bull, Canada’s most widely-read hepc bulletin is available snail mail and online as well www.hepcbc.ca. Current circulation is 1700 a month. It is edited by Joan King, and C.D. Mazoff. Contact jking@hepcbc.ca if you would like to subscribe. Read the bulletin online at http://www.hepcbc.ca.

The HCV Advocate. An excellent newsletter out of San Francisco. Check them out at www.hcvadvocate.org

HepNews: Another excellent newsletter out of Seattle. Check them out at www.scn.org/health/hepatitis


There is a new magazine out called Hepatitis Magazine. Check them out at www.hepatitismag.com. There do a really fine job.


Hepatitis Foundation International 30 Sunrise Terrace, Cedar Grove, NJ 07009 Phone: 1.800.891.0707 or 1.973.239.1035 Fax: 973.857.5044 - *Respect Yourself - Protect Yourself: Teens Talk to Teens about Liver Wellness - * Silent Stalker : High Risk Video Hepatitis and Abuse Prevention - * Hepatitis C: Cutting Edge Medical Report - http://www.hepfi.org/

HepCBC: HepCBC has a host of up-to-date vides in its library. Videos may be viewed at the library (541 Herald Street, Victoria BC) or borrowed. HepCBC also has on hand videos of the First Provincial Roundtable, with guest speakers, Dr. Frank Anderson, Dr Stephen Sacks and more, and from the Hepatitis C and Your Rights Workshop. For Library hours, please call (250) 382-7927. To order tapes call (250) 361-4808, or email info@hepcbc.ca.

The San Francisco Support Project (HCV Advocate) has fantastic resources available. Please give Alan Franciscus a shout at (415) 978-2400. The Hepatitis C Support Project is the home of the HCV Advocate, a great newsletter. Please visit their site at www.hcvadvocate.org or email them at sfhepcat@pacbell.net.

In the Seattle area: Contact HEP. They can be reached at (206) 732-0311, or email hep@scn.org

“Hepatitis C Video,” $39 American Liver Foundation , 1-201-256-2550 or 1-800-223-0179



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