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Anyone who received a blood transfusion or a blood product before 1992 is considered to be in a high risk group. Chance of infection by transfusion today is said to be 0.12%. Blood banks began screening donors for certain markers as early as 1986. In May 1990, screening tests for the hepatitis C virus came into use, and the risk is now thought to be one in 3,300 units of blood, or 0.12% for the typical recipient of a transfusion. - California at Berkeley Wellness Letter, May 1993 (see History of Blood Safety below).

HCV acquired through blood transfusion tends to be more severe than through other modes of transmission.

In a group of patients seen at a referral center, chronic post-transfusion hepatitis C infection was a progressive disease and, in some patients, led to death from either liver failure or hepatocellular carcinoma - N Engl J Med 1995;Vol 332, no 22:1463-1466



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